Chief Sustainability Officers

A world where sustainability is not just a trend, but a critical component of running a successful business. Almost all OECD countries and China have already taken the first steps to restructure their economies and have committed to ambitious plans. For companies, this transformation is an opportunity to mitigate risk and enhance shareholder value through responsible business practices. The challenge is to develop and implement sustainability initiatives that span the entire organization and instill a new, forward-looking mindset that combines growth and sustainability. Our approach is to identify leaders who will not only accompany this change, but actively shape and drive it.

Why RefineValue?

We have extensive industry experience and a global network. We have worked successfully with leading companies in a variety of industries around the world, helping them to balance growth and sustainability. We can help you build sustainability functions, identify board and C-suite succession solutions, and find leaders to develop and operationalize viable solutions. Let’s work together to set new standards and shape the future.


Let's talk about leadership: What characterizes your new Chief Sustainability Officer?

Our Executive Search & Succession consultants can help you build sustainability functions and succession planning at the board and C-Suite levels. We find leaders who combine growth and sustainability to shape the future.