At RefineValue, we understand the complexity of your industry-specific challenges and stand by you as a trusted partner. We combine board, CEO, executive committee and C-suite review, benchmarking and development with innovative approaches to leadership, governance, compensation, transition and succession planning to unlock the full potential of your organization, improve board effectiveness, enhance governance and take leadership to the next level. As the leading independent board advisory firm in Europe, we combine cross-industry expertise with deep sector-specific insights and extensive knowledge of European markets and their key players.

In an era of change, characterized by geopolitical shifts, technological advances and growing market uncertainty, we help you unlock transformation with tailored board advisory solutions. Our experts combine industry knowledge with extensive experience in insurance, investment banking, corporate banking, retail banking, wealth management, and asset management.

Industrial companies are the backbone of our society. We can help you ensure that your board has the right answers to help your company play a leading role in digital and decarbonized economy. We specialize in effectively empowering the board, executive committee and C-suite to achieve new levels of performance. Our expertise spans Automotive & Suppliers, Energy & Clean Tech, Engineering & Industrial Technology, and Transportation & Logistics.

Financial investors and entrepreneurial families are challenged to find new answers to ensure sustainable success. We help family entrepreneurs, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds and UNHWIs with innovative solutions to take the leadership and governance of their portfolio companies and investments to new levels of performance.

Technology companies are at the forefront of change. In this dynamic environment, we help you take the board, executive committee and the C-suite to a new level and set market standards. By specializing in the Software & Platforms and High Technology & Semiconductor segments, we have been able to shift the benchmark for technology leadership in recent years.

Let's set new standards for board effectiveness

Our consultants are experts in board effectiveness. We can help you with review, benchmarking, development, and succession planning for boards, executive committees, and the C-suite.