Technology is constantly changing, and technology companies are at the forefront of these changes. Established technologies are being overtaken by new developments at an extraordinary pace, and technology companies must not only manage this change, but also compete with agile start-ups to remain relevant. Our goal is to continue to push the boundaries of technology leadership and set the market standard for board effectiveness.

Our comprehensive board advisory solutions provide you with the support you need to withstand constant change. We can help you navigate this dynamic environment by reviewing, benchmarking, and developing boards and leadership teams that set new market standards. Our innovative approaches to leadership, governance, compensation, transition, and succession planning help you take your board, executive committee, and C-suite to the next level.

Software & Platforms

The unprecedented pace and unpredictability of the software and platform industry requires boards with exceptional agility and strategic strength. Technologies such as the metaverse, AI, Web 3.0, and blockchain can be game-changers. We help you successfully navigate the next phase of your company’s growth by providing review, development, and succession solutions for your board, executive committee, and C-suite so your teams can effectively navigate lasting change.

High technology and semiconductor companies are the backbone of the technology industry, driving innovation in the digital world. The industry is characterized by extremely rapid change and challenges such as connected infrastructure, smart cities, and autonomous driving. Complex development cycles and a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape further complicate the environment. We help your board adopt new perspectives and unlock the full potential of your organization. Our goal is to develop leaders who do not just react to the fast pace, but actively shape it, turning market disruptions and new technologies into opportunities for growth.

High Technology & Semiconductor

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Let's set the standard for technology leadership

Our team of consultants in the technology practice specializes in improving the effectiveness of boards of directors, executive committees, and the C-suite. We can help you with assessment, benchmarking, development, and succession planning.