Private Capital

A changing world, where new technologies are defining new markets and revolutionizing existing ones, where the geo-economy is undergoing tectonic shifts, and where the decarbonization of the economy is driving a transformation of historic proportions, presents historic business opportunities, but also complex risks. Financial investors and entrepreneurial families face the challenge of finding the right answers to these developments in order to ensure sustainable success. In the face of fundamental societal change, private equity firms, entrepreneurial families and sovereign wealth funds must find innovative solutions for leadership and governance in order to continue to effectively shape the future.

We have extensive experience working with private equity firms, entrepreneurial families and sovereign wealth funds. We provide customized board advisory solutions that improve the effectiveness of your board and unlock the full potential of your organization. We can help you review, benchmark and develop boards and leadership teams, both within your own organization and in your portfolio companies. Our proven approaches to governance, advisory boards, compensation and conflict management will take you to new levels of performance.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Private equity investors have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Our board advisory solutions support private equity and venture capital firms at the fund and portfolio level with innovative solutions for board effectiveness, leadership and governance.

At the fund level, we have helped leading global private equity funds expand into continental Europe. We offer unique access to investment professionals and senior advisers in Europe.

At the portfolio level, our integrated advisory approach supports the entire investment cycle, from the pre-deal phase to portfolio value acceleration and exit. Using a data-driven approach and proprietary tools, we evaluate boardroom performance and provide outstanding succession planning for boards, advisory boards, executive committees and the C-suite.

Increasing complexity due to globalization, regulation and new technologies poses new challenges to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial families and UNHWIS. We support the development of family boards, advise on issues of shareholder competence, the role of the family in the company and conflict management. Our team of experts specializes in setting up, developing and evaluating supervisory boards, advisory boards and leadership teams, advising on compensation structures, succession planning and effective transition processes.

We are also increasingly called upon to benchmark and improve the corporate governance of portfolio companies and investments.

Entrepreneurs, Family Offices & UNHWIs

Sovereign Wealth Funds

More than 100 sovereign wealth funds worldwide, 40 new funds since 2005, and more than USD 10 trillion in AuM demonstrate the importance of sovereign wealth funds. We help sovereign wealth funds in evaluating and developing their leadership teams, build regional and thematic advisory boards, and identify leaders to take their investment teams to the next level.

For direct investments in Europe, we help sovereign wealth funds with board and C-suite review, development, and succession planning, and provide innovative leadership, governance, compensation, and transition solutions.


Let's take leadership and corporate governance to the next level

Our team of consultants in the private capital practice specializes in improving the effectiveness of boards of directors, executive committees, and the C-suite. We can help you with assessment, benchmarking, development, succession planning, and conflict management.