Marketing, Sales & Strategy Officers

Sales and marketing organizations must find new answers in an era of digitization, the explosion of communication and distribution channels, and dynamic customer behavior. In recent years, the field of tension in which top managers operate has increased significantly. As the boundaries between marketing and sales continue to blur, new hybrid roles and responsibilities have emerged. These roles require visionary leaders who can open new perspectives, forge cross-functional and cross-market partnerships, and create competitive advantage.

Why RefineValue?

We can help you define and delineate the roles and identify the forward-thinking leaders you need with an eye on both short-term gains and long-term growth. We monitor trends and combine our industry expertise with our global network to help you find the right people for the future.


Let's talk about leadership: What characterizes your new chief marketing, sales and strategy officer?

Our Executive Search & Succession consultants can help you with board and C-suite succession planning. We find marketing, sales, and strategy leaders who will exceed your expectations.