Financial Services

The financial industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. In this dynamic environment, financial service providers face complex challenges: Emerging markets, the decarbonization of the economy, a changing geopolitical environment, intense competition, and technological disruption are shaping the business landscape. At the same time, leaders must manage the risks of a hyper-connected and digital world, as well as increasing regulatory requirements and cost pressures.

Our comprehensive board advisory solutions combining review, benchmarking and development for boards, CEO, executive committee and the C-suite with innovative solutions for leadership, governance, compensation, transition, and succession planning planning. In addition, we are consulted by leading financial services companies to improve board effectiveness.


The insurance industry has entered a new era of massive structural change. Customer expectations are changing, the stagnation of growth in increasingly saturated insurance markets is intensifying competition, regulatory requirements are becoming more complex, cost pressures are increasing, Asian markets are gaining in importance, and digital transformation is affecting the entire industry. We can help you to unlock the full potential of your organizations, improve governance and take leadership to the next level.

It’s about culture and leadership. Boards and senior management need to focus on culture, risk management and control development. We can help you with the assessment and development of your board of directors and senior management and find the right top executives to match your culture, your risk profile and your business focus.

Investment Banking/Global Markets

Corporate Banking

In a world where political shifts are redefining the rules, the decarbonization of the economy is advancing, and promising businesses are expanding, it is critical to have leadership that understands these dynamics and turns them into opportunities. We can help you with the assessment, development and succession planning for your board, executive committee and C-suite that will lead your organization into a successful future.

The consumer banking industry is undergoing a historic transformation as standardization reaches new levels and business and IT converge. Boards and senior management are challenged to proactively shape, manage and monitor change as the business model transitions. We help you assess, develop, and find succession solutions for boards, executive committees, and the C-suite that are capable of evaluating and executing sustainable strategies in an increasingly digitalized world.

Consumer Banking

Wealth Management & Private Banking

In the face of global market changes, rising client expectations and intense competition, boards and senior management need to find new answers and take performance to new levels. We can help you assess whether you have the right mix of skills and experience in your board, executive committee and C-suite, and provide solutions to ensure that your wealth management and private banking businesses remain strong, stable and reliable.

Asset management is characterized by the convergence of alternative and traditional asset classes, the continued growth of passive products, and the accelerating use of new technologies such as analytics and AI in investment decision-making. It is time to think outside the box and find creative solutions to the challenges of the future. Our approach is to find the right board composition and develop boards and senior management that not only meet today’s challenges, but proactively seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Asset Management


Setting new market standards for board effectiveness

Our team of consultants in the financial services practice specializes in improving the effectiveness of boards of directors, executive committees, and the C-suite. We can help you with assessment, benchmarking, development, and succession planning.