Executive Leadership Program

RefineValue is committed to developing a new generation of leaders for a better world. This was the impetus for our consultants to create the Executive Leadership Program, a mentoring program. The invitation-only Executive Leadership Program brings together leaders from the world’s most respected organizations in business, government and academia with the goal of providing the critical skills needed to successfully lead and shape the future in an increasingly volatile world.

The Executive Leadership Program enhances leadership skills and provides experience in managing international and complex organizations. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to build a global and exclusive network of peers and benefit from the experience of former top executives. The intensive one-on-one relationship between mentor and mentee is accompanied by events with outstanding personalities from business, politics and academia on current topics in leadership, geoeconomics and innovation. The goal is to stimulate critical thinking, create new impulses, encourage personal and professional development through reflection, and promote new perspectives.

Our commitment to a better world

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With this program, RefineValue wants to contribute to the development of a new generation of female CEOs. We therefore give preference to female personalities.