Technology Officers

In today’s digitally connected world, new technologies are the primary drivers for evolving and disrupting. Established companies are facing new competitors that are defining new markets and revolutionizing existing markets with new technologies. The speed of change is a challenge for organizations in terms of the management and successful integration of disruptive new technologies. The key is not only to recognize the potential of new technologies, but also to integrate them effectively into the corporate strategy and to live them. Strong technology leadership is therefore becoming a critical factor for companies. This includes not only oversight of the entire technology spectrum, from IT infrastructure and cybersecurity to data analytics and artificial intelligence, but also the ability to seamlessly integrate these aspects into the business strategy and organizational structure. Our approach is to lead this transformation and identify top executives who can drive cultural and strategic change in addition to technology skills.

Why RefineValue?

RefineValue is committed to raising the bar for technology leadership in every new engagement. From our offices in Frankfurt, London and Zurich, we have provided succession solutions across the technology spectrum for worldwide leading organizations in diverse industries – from board members to CTOs, CIOs, CISOs to data analytics and AI experts.


Let's talk about leadership: What characterizes your new Chief Technology Officer?

Our Executive Search & Succession consultants can help you with C-board and suite succession planning. We identify technology, digital and data leaders who will exceed your expectations.