In an era of rapidly changing customer needs, ever-shorter innovation cycles, a volatile geopolitical landscape, and a highly interconnected global economy, companies face unprecedented challenges. These include the demanding task of synchronizing growth, sustainability and digital transformation, and leading in an increasingly digital and decarbonized economy. Many industries will have to make game-changing decisions in the coming years.

Our comprehensive board advisory solutions provide the support you need to improve board effectiveness and unlock the full potential of your organization. Whether it’s board review, benchmarking and development, or innovative approaches to leadership, governance, compensation, transition, and succession planning, we specialize in effectively empowering the board, executive committee and C-suite to achieve new levels of performance.

Automotive & Suppliers

The transition to electrified and digital vehicles requires a new way of thinking. Software expertise, change management, speed of innovation and forging partnerships are key competitive factors. We help you take leadership to the next level.

The energy revolution is accelerating. By 2030, renewables could account for 50% of global electricity generation. We understand the challenges of decarbonization, storage, technology integration, digitalization, and regulatory frameworks, and help you build boards, executive committee and C-suite that successfully manage change in a fast-moving world.

Energy & Clean Tech

Engineering & Industrial technology

We help you ensure that leadership teams can provide the right answers to challenges such as global competitive pressures, commodity price volatility, and rapid advances in automation and digitalization. We focus on creating a leadership culture that fosters continuous improvement and openness to innovation. We combine our industry expertise with our extensive experience in boardroom, executive committee and C-suite benchmarking, development and succession planning to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

In a world where supply chain resilience and decarbonization are becoming increasingly important, we are setting new standards in board development. Our aim is to build resilient leadership teams that have the necessary skills to respond effectively to new technologies and the challenges of a carbon-neutral economy.

Transportation & logistics


Strengthen the effectiveness of your board of directors and senior management team

Our team of consultants in the industrial practice specializes in improving the effectiveness of boards of directors, executive committees, and the C-suite. We can help you with assessment, benchmarking, development, and succession planning.