Diversity & Inclusion

At RefineValue, we passionately believe that having a diverse group of leaders can contribute to making the world a better place. It is our fundamental belief that organizations perform better when diverse voices, regardless of race, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, religion, ethnicity, national origin or perspective, are heard and feel a sense of belonging as individuals. We firmly believe that different perspectives are a catalyst for creativity and better results. As a consulting firm for the recruitment of executives and experts, we are aware of our responsibility to ensure that every person, regardless of race, gender, identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin or other personal characteristics, has equal opportunities and can develop their full potential. We live our commitment to diversity, inclusion, respect and integrity internally as well as in each of our mandates. In addition, our involvement with RefineValue focuses on contributing to change on gender equity/gender GAP and LGBTQ+ issues.

Gender Gap

Statistic evidence clearly shows that a more balanced representation of women in top management positions leads to better management performance and better financial results. An increased proportion of female leaders increases significantly contributes to a more focused and competitive management team. To benefit from these effects, women in key positions and in top management must lose their exotic status. For companies, management and women, this means a win-win situation. An increasing proportion of women is a catalyst for raising the entire management team to a new level of quality.

Percentage of women in leadership positions

Statistically, the percentage of women in key positions at large corporations has increased by only 1.8 percent since 2018. At RefineValue, we are convinced that this development can be accelerated and have already supported many of our clients in setting up and implementing appropriate recruitment and development programs. Our consultants have already worked with many of our clients providing the right leadership solutions with top executive females. We bring our experience to each of our mandates.


We support organizations in attracting top-class female talent and top executives for key positions.


We support companies in identifying and promoting top-class female talent at an early stage.


We develop and support the establishment of appropriate mentoring programs that encourage more women to become CEOs.

To accelerate development and establish more female leaders in key positions, we have realigned our Career Accelerate Program and C-Mentoring Program to this goal. In the intake to our career coaching programs, we prioritize top-class female leaders and high performers. Through an active mentoring program and a structured career development program, we want to play our part in creating a new generation of female CEOs and board members.

Gender distribution in new board appointments


Systematic discrimination against LGBTQ+ communities and individuals around the world persists to this day, and in leadership positions, LGBTQ+ leaders are still severely understaffed. We recognize that we need to do more in the executive search to drive the change we want to see in the world. This is what drives RefineValue to celebrate, support and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. We focus our efforts on ensuring that our processes, approaches and systems promote inclusivity in this space. In doing so, we face the challenge that LGBTQ+ identities are often not visible and our candidates may not want to be labeled or identified in a particular way. We therefore seek to create an environment for open dialog where LGBTQ+ individuals can be authentic to themselves inside and outside of our organization. We invest in LGBTQ+ awareness and extensive diversity training for ourselves, while actively promoting efforts by our clients in this regard. In doing so, we work tirelessly to combat all forms of direct or indirect discrimination.

From RefineValue’s core, our advisors have come together to actively support our gender equity and LGBTQ+ efforts at all levels. We work closely with our clients across industries and geographies to build diverse leadership teams and inclusive cultures.

Experience with discrimination at work

Creating an environment where people can be authentic to themselves is one of the most important challenges when it comes to preventing discrimination in organisations. At RefineValue, we believe that individuals, who work in an environment that allows everyone to be more authentic to themselves, are more creative, can perform better and reach their full potential. However, people in the LGBTQ+ community in particular still experience harassment and aggression towards their sexuality. A consistent change of direction is required so that organizations become a place that enables all people, free of their sexual orientation, to be their authentic selves.


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