Executive Leadership Program

RefineValue has set itself the goal of contributing to the development of a new generation of leaders – for a better future world. This was the impetus for our consultants to establish an executive leadership program, bringing together outstanding leaders with high-profile executives from politics and business.

The Executive Leadership Program supports personal development, gives new impulses, and enables the change of one’s perspective. The goal is to design the exchange in such a way that it is professionally and personally enriching for mentors and mentees. To insure this, our consultants define the goals and expectations of the program with mentors and mentees in advance and develop a joint plan for the program on this basis. Our advisors support the mentees with a structured program that sets new stimuli and encourages personal development through critical reflection.

At regular intervals, we bring together alumni, current mentees and mentors in small informal events on exciting topics with outstanding personalities of our time on the topics of leadership, business and politics, thus making a contribution to networking the next leadership elite with one another.

Executive Mentoring

Structure of the Executive Leadership Program


 our consultants define goals together with you and translate them into an individual development plan within the mentoring program.


we match you with a mentor based on your interests and actively support this relationship throughout the mentoring program.


in regular intervals, we reflect with you on your progress to date in relation to our defined goals within the program.


 in annual events, you will have the opportunity to expand your network and get to know other mentees, mentors, and alumni, as well as exchange with each other

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With this program, RefineValue is committed to helping develop a new generation of female CEOs and board members. We would therefore like to encourage female personalities to apply for the program and give preference to corresponding applications.

The executive leadership program seeks to promote exchange at eye level, in which experiences are shared and new stimulus points are set so that individuals can develop themselves both from a personal and leadership perspective. The structured executive mentoring program claims to shape board and C-level candidates and is therefore aimed at outstanding leaders with an exceptionally successful career path and ambitious goals. Applications are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed on an ongoing basis. We look forward to getting to know you personally, examine each application in detail and decide together as a team which of our consultants will contact you personally. In the subsequent meeting, we discuss expectations, goals and get a picture of you as a leader before deciding whether – and if so – which of our consultants will accompany you in the program and which mentor might suit you.

Selection process and requirements

Your application

Please describe (max. 500 words) why you are the right person for our Executive Leadership Program and what expectations and/or goals you connect to this program.

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