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Leaders—with their unique ideas, personality, and motivation—can be a significant competitive advantage for companies. Identifying executives with promising competencies and experience that fit the respective company-specific culture and situation is one of the most important and strategic challenges of any company. We help our clients efficiently and sustainably in their search for leaders to find the right candidates for the specific tasks and will move forward boldly. In doing so, we are convinced that a complex world demands the right answers—not quick and easy ones.


A great leader is invaluable. But anyone who has tried knows how difficult it is to find one. In thorough discussions with you, our consultants analyze the basic requirements of the position to be filled. The experience of our consultants ensures that we create precise requirement and competence profiles. In doing so, it is increasingly important which personal qualities the ideal candidate must bring with him or her to succeed in the new position. We look not only at the professional and personal qualities, but also at who fits the current situation of the company, fulfills the corporate values and the specific corporate culture. Our aim is to fully understand the situation, to identify critical situations that managers are likely to face, and through this to identify the best match.

In the search process for executives, the way in which candidates are approached is decisive for success or failure of hiring. We therefore guarantee that only those consultants who are involved in the project from the very beginning take on this important task. Ownership is therefore reality for us. The advantage: Our consultants can answer any candidate’s critical questions convincingly, put themselves in the situation of client and candidate and thus inspire decision-makers who are hardly willing to change, for the position. Thanks to our many years of experience with leaders in leadership development and our in-depth knowledge of the industry, the advice and knowledge of our consultants is consistently valued by the leaders approached, and open and transparent discussions develop at eye level, significantly increasing the chances of winning the right candidate. Through our trusting, long-term relationships with leaders, our network offers access to the top executives of our time.



It is our conviction that the ability of a leader to set the pace, drive performance and lead a company to success is not a question of formal qualifications. The decisive factor is how a leader handles concrete situations, what motivation the person brings to the table, and whether the personality and attitude fit the current situation, strategy, and culture of the company. In the first instance, our consultants therefore scrutinize and evaluate the working methods, attitudes, and motivations of candidates in the course of their interviews. In doing so, we use well-founded diagnostic procedures and assess a candidate’s potential to adapt to or anticipate change as part of a stress test. This judgment is reconciled and evaluated with a discreet reference check.

Our understanding of executive search is clear and simple: In the specific mandate, we see it as our essential task to advise candidate and client alike in their respective decision-making process with the greatest possible independence and neutrality. To lead negotiations to success, our consultants assume a neutral role as mediators and moderators between candidate and client. We have built a relationship of trust through our search for and discussions with the leaders we are courting. We therefore know the candidate’s expectations, attitude and motivation and have a good overview of the personal consequences of a change of position. RefineValue’s fee model ensures objectivity in all salary issues and avoids conflicts of interest. Our consultants can thus advise both sides in a solution-oriented manner.

Making Negotiation a Success

Our Expertise

We recruit leaders who thrive in shaping the future of companies. We accompany you as professional partners from the search and selection to the moderation of presentations—also in the boardroom—to contract negotiations, onboarding, and integration. In doing so, we consider the corporate strategy, the current situation of the company and specific culture. Our ambition is to ensure that the leaders we recruit exceed the expectations placed on them. Together as a team, we use all our experience and passion to achieve this. You trust in our integrity and competence. We pay back with outstanding results.


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