With our focus topics Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainability, we address two topics that we believe will be of crucial importance for companies and organizations in the coming years and decades. We believe that focusing on sustainability and diversity gives companies decisive competitive advantages in dynamic markets, improves the resilience of the entire organization and business models, and reduces costs and risks.

Diversity & Inclusion

At RefineValue we are convinced that diversity and inclusion are a motor for innovative work, creative solutions and better results and support our clients in the transformation towards a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. Female leaders are still underrepresented in management roles and LGBTQ + personalities are discriminated and harassed disproportionately often in organizations. Time to change this. Static evidence shows that an open, inclusive, and integrative corporate culture and diverse management boards achieve better results and realize their full potential. More…


Sustainable companies that combine responsible action, social commitment and ecological efficiency have proven to be particularly successful and resilient in recent years. We are convinced that sustainability will continue to accelerate over the next few decades. Ambitious political plans and a changing society in the industrialized and emerging markets offer new opportunities for sustainable companies and new sustainable business models. Reason enough to anchor the topic of sustainability in the company – but is the right person already on board for it? More…