With our extensive experience in the field of sustainability and comprehensive industry knowledge, we find future-ready board leaders who can deliver the sustainability transformation that society and investors demand. We support companies to accelerate long-term vision in sustainability, establishing sustainability boards, functions and teams, and in finding leaders aligned with your corporate strategy and push you one step closer to realizing sustainability.

Success through Sustainability?

It is no coincidence that companies that act sustainably have proven to be particularly successful and resilient in recent years. By combining responsible action, social commitment and ecological efficiency, companies can reduce costs, limit risks, and improve business success. In more and more companies, sustainability is already more than just a promise and is regarded as a principle for viable business success, because sustainable business means acting responsibly and with foresight. In this context, managers and their teams face the challenge of developing sustainability initiatives that encompass the entire company and anchor a new way of thinking within the company. Investors, consumers, and society demand that companies make greater efforts to use natural resources in ways that will sustain them as the basis for growth and prosperity in the future. It is clear that sustainable business today is more than just image cultivation and make it essential to put strategic and success-relevant sustainability initiatives into practice.

Growth in Sustainable Finance

We are convinced that the sustainability megatrend will continue in the 20s and 30s and will have a lasting impact on our society. This trend has also received additional support from the regulatory side in recent years. China and almost all OECD countries have already taken the first steps in restructuring their economies and have committed themselves to ambitious plans—we can thus expect to see regulation more strongly geared to ecological aspects in the future. Companies are benefiting from this trend by reinforcing responsible conduct and thereby demonstrably reducing risks such as environmental hazards or accounting fraud. A look at the fast-moving consumer goods sector shows that ambitious sustainability programs can also bring business success. The organic segment has been growing at an above-average rate for years, achieving significant sales growth even in times of economic crisis. This trend can also be observed in other segments; for example, sustainable investment solutions have been among the top trends in the financial services industry for years, and the “green electrification” of mobility has become a game changer in the automotive industry. New sustainable technologies around hydrogen offer companies new business models and challenge companies to adapt to the new world.

Wir bei Refinvalue sind davon überzeugt, dass das Thema Nachhaltigkeit zu einem Schlüsselthema der 20er- Jahre wird. Wir helfen Organisationen und Unternehmen, das Thema Nachhaltigkeit aktiv zu gestalten und in Aufsichtsräten, Beiräten und Vorständen fest zu verankern, ohne dabei die aktuell gegebenen Umstände außer Acht zu lassen. Sind Sie bereit für eine Veränderung hin zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit und haben Sie bereits die richtigen Führungspersönlichkeiten an Board? Unsere Berater:innen mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Nachhaltigkeit bringen Sie mit Führungspersönlichkeiten anderer Unternehmen zusammen und unterstützen dabei Teams aufzubauen, die zu Umweltqualität, langfristigem wirtschaftlichen Wohlstand und verbesserter sozialer Gerechtigkeit beitragen.

Are the Right People on Board?

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