Sales & Marketing

Our sales & marketing consultants understand the increasing complexity for organizations and know that change starts with their leaders. With our deep understanding of change in marketing and sales organizations and extensive industry knowledge, our team helps our clients attract a new generation of future-ready senior leaders. We appeal to personalities that make a difference and support leading corporations, private equity and start-/scale-ups in attracting leaders to the marketing and sales organization. With our expertise, we cover a wide variety industries and sectors.

Time for a New Leadership Style

Digitization, explosion of communication and sales channels, and dynamically changing customer behavior are just some of the challenges that a strong and efficient marketing and sales organization face. Those who want to be successful in this market environment shape what is next in a rapidly shifting environment, recognize trends early on and take advantage of them. In digital times, it is more important than ever to focus on customers and their needs. The dynamic field in which marketing and sales executives operate has grown significantly in recent years, while the tasks and requirements have become more complex and multi-layered. Alongside brand dialogue, performance marketing is now an integral part of modern marketing and sales are increasingly digitalized, while it is crucial to keep innovation and the creation of new customer experiences in mind. Mastering these challenges and forging partnerships across departments and markets requires new leadership skills. Our consultants are committed to attracting the leaders ready for tomorrow who thrive in aligning a marketing and sales organization strategically, operationally, and culturally for the future.

Our team consists of consultants who have taken on leadership roles themselves in the marketing and sales organization. We therefore know from practical experience the changes leaders in the marketing and sales organization face. To not only keep up with the pace of change, but also to help shape it, we support clients in recruiting leaders who thrive in shaping future of the marketing and sales organization in key positions and anchor an “progress mindset” in the organizations. To ensure that our clients can provide the right personnel response to all future challenges, we monitor trends as well as developments and combine industry knowledge with our extensive experience. With our expertise, we cover a wide variety of industries. We support companies in facing the changing times and creating added value. In this context, we have been able to support corporations and mid-sized companies to exploit new sales channels, anchor “Ahead Mindsets” in organizations, build entire sales organizations as well as regional and functional sales teams from scratch, and support companies in scaling and start-ups on their way to becoming unicorns.

Our Way of Working

Our Expertise


  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial
  • Mobility
  • Professional Services
  • Software & Tech
  • Start-ups & Scale-ups
  • Telecommunication


  • Board
  • C-Level (Chief Sales Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Growth Officer)
  • Divisional board member / Head of


  • Building sales organisationen
  • Building sales teams (regional/functional)
  • Recruitment of Senior Advisors

Tech & Software firms

  • Board (Marketing, Vertrieb, Growth, Customer Success)
  • C-Level (Chief Sales Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Customer Officer)
  • Head of  (region/country/sector/industries/functions)
  • Head of (Enterprise-, Mid-Market-, Strategic-, Partner Sales, Business Development, Customer Success)
  • Executive Vice President / Senior Vice President / Managing Director


  • Board (Marketing, Vertrieb, composite, life insurance)
  • C-Level (Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Sales Officer)
  • Divisional board member
  • Head of (Direct Sales, Digital Sales, B2B-Sales, bancassurance,
    Special Sales, Broker Sales, strategic development)


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