Professional Services

We know: Human capital remains the most important source of competitive advantage in the professional services sector. With our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, our consultants support strategy consultancies, corporate finance consultancies, management consultancies, IT service providers and BPO service providers in finding and attracting leaders and top performers to keep them one step ahead of competition. In doing so, we rely on trusting, long-term relationships and a cooperative partnership in which we also support our clients in the acquisition of teams and consulting firms, succession planning and the establishment of advisory boards.

Taking on the Global Competition

Increasingly sophisticated technological developments and the advancing globalization of the industry are changing customer expectations and presenting the professional services sector with ever more challenging tasks. In addition, the intensifying competition and very strong dynamic industry development are radically changing the environment in professional services at high speed. Professional services must adapt to the challenges of this volatile world to generate revenues and create sustainable value. Today’s customers want true partners who will work with them as drivers, catalysts, and shapers to address the disruptive and transformational changes to business models and organizations. In hardly any other industry is it necessary to adapt more quickly to new trends and change leadership behavior in order to survive in the increasingly global competitive environment. The quality of the service offering as well as the consulting performance—and thus the potential for growth and profitability—are primarily determined by the recruitment and development of outstanding leaders. The decisive factors here are the right experience, competencies, and cultural understanding of the leaders and top performers of a consulting company and service provider. Professional services will therefore continue to be a people business in the future, where success will be determined by filling key positions perfectly. Exceptional leaders and top performers who understand how to differentiate services, drive innovation, motivate employees, and retain customers are more important than ever before in meeting the challenges of global competition.

Our consultants know the challenges and requirements for outstanding leaders. We maintain intensive and long-standing relationships with top performers, so we know exactly what it takes to attract leaders and top performers for our clients in a highly competitive market and to create a decisive competitive advantage. We accept only a limited number of clients to provide our clients with undivided attention and unrestricted market access. We focus primarily on filling senior-level positions, enabling us to meet the most demanding requirements. In addition, our team assists professional services firms with key long-term decisions related to acquiring consulting firms and teams or building strong advisory boards.

Our Way of Working

Our Expertise


  • Management consulting firms
  • Corporate Finance / M&A Advisory
  • IT consulting firms
  • Digital service providers
  • Inhouse Consulting
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


  • Board Search
  • Managing Partner (region, country, office, service line, capability, industry)
  • Partner / Managing Director
  • Associate Partner / Director / Principal
  • Senior Advisor
  • Members of advisory boards

Focus topics

  • Acquisition of teams
  • Acquisition of consulting firms (Buy-Side Advisory)


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Our Professional Services Consultants support organizations in long-term decisions, such as filling senior-level positions, acquiring consulting firms and teams or building advisory boards.