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With our wide range of technological competencies and our comprehensive industry knowledge, our consultants support clients in the recruitment of digital-ready board leaders as well as in the search for senior executives. Our team’s mission is to push the technology leadership benchmark a little further each time and set market standards. Our ambition is to attract leaders who make the difference. In doing so, we rely on partnership-based collaboration and build trusting, long-term relationships with leading multinational corporations, private equity, start-/scale-ups, management consultancies, and IT service providers.

Gamer changer: Digitalization

New technologies in the context of digitization are the main drivers of evolution and disruption. It is therefore essential for organizations to embrace the potential of these changes. The pace of change is unprecedented in today’s digitally connected world. Established companies are facing new competitors that are using innovative technologies to define unchartered markets and revolutionize existing markets. This is forcing organizations to engage with modern technologies and the potential of digitization more than ever before. Digitization is therefore not just a question of technology but goes far beyond that and affects the entire organization and strategy. The decisive factor here is how the potential of new technologies and digitization is anchored, implemented, and lived in a company. Companies must self-critically analyze whether and how closely technology is interwoven with the rest of the organization, what impact the disruptive changes will have on the business model and organization, and act boldly and decisively to remain competitive in the future. Our consultants address the specific requirements in each of our mandates and take into account the digital maturity and evolutionary status of the company.

Our consultants have experience in the digital environment, have successfully founded start-ups or have taken on leadership roles in technology units. We therefore know from practical experience what requirements and skills are important for digital leaders. With our digital mindset and our deep understanding of technologies, their potential, and their disruptive forces. In doing so, we find digital-ready board members and recruit the best digital leaders who drive both culture change and business strategy. With our expertise, we cover a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Our Way of Working

Our Expertise


  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial
  • Mobility
  • Professional Services
  • Software & Tech
  • Start-ups & Scale-ups
  • Telecommunication


  • Supervisory and advisory board members with digital mind set
  • Board (Operations, IT, Technology, Transformation)
  • C-Level (COO, CIO, CDO, CTO, Chief Transformation Officer)
  • Divisional board member / Head of
  • Senior experts (u.a. Chief Cyber Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Data Officer, Blockchain/Crypto)


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data & Analytics
  • DLT-Technology, Blockchain & Crypto
  • Digital venture & Company building
  • Digital Transformation & innovations
  • Cyber security & Tech risk
  • Infrastructure & plattforms
  • Internet of Things


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