RefineValue stands for Board Advisory and Executive Search of leaders and experts for key positions in the areas of financial services, professional services, private equity, digital & technology, sales & marketing and legal. RefineValue identifies and wins top performers who in key positions play a crucial role in shaping the future of organizations.

High performers with their ideas, personality and motivation can be a significant competitive advantage for companies. Finding executives and experts with promising skills and experience that fit the company’s specific culture and situation is one of the most important and strategic challenges facing a company. When bringing the right candidate for a role today, many factors have to match technical skills, personal management qualities, the ability to adapt culturally, and mutual appreciation. It is increasingly important to identify and correctly describe the competencies that are critical to success and thus to identify the right leaders in the search process. We help our clients to find and win the best possible candidate efficiently, sustainably and based on the latest scientific and technology-based selection processes.


Our consultants in the industry teams combine many years of operational experience from an industry with a deep understanding of the requirements that companies place on their managers and experts. Our teams support clients along the entire value chain in identifying and recruiting top performers for key positions in your company.


Our consultants in the functional teams specialize in one topic and have excellent networks. In this way, we ensure first-class advice for our clients across all industries and attract personalities for key positions, who play a key role in shaping the future of your company.