Career Development

At RefineValue, we are convinced that new challenges also require a new generation of executives. That is why we are contributing to developing a new generation of leaders with the Career Accelerate Program and the C-Mentoring Program. Our career development programs are aimed at outstanding leaders who want to take the next step and develop personally and professionally. RefineValue aims to make a contribution to supporting more female leaders in order to increase the proportion of women in leading role. When selecting and admitting to our Career Accelerate Program and C-Mentoring Program, we therefore give preference to female leaders.

Career Accelerate Program

Our Career Accelerate Program is aimed at outstanding candidates with at least 6 years of post-graduate experience and a demonstrable, significantly above-average track record. The program is designed to support highly ambitious personalities in their career development and to prepare for the next steps. Our consultants take on the role as a coach or mentor within the Career Accelerate Program and develop a medium-term strategy for the further career. More…

C-Mentoring Program

The C-Mentoring Program is aimed at leaders who want to take the next step in their career. With the C-Mentoring Program, we support promising C-level candidates in their further development and bring them together with executives in a structured mentoring program. These trusting mentoring relationships are flanked by informal events with other participants and alumni, as well as sparring with our experienced consultants. The aim is to set new stimulus points, to prepare the candidates for their next step and at the same time to support them in building stable networks. More…